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Our experience and expertise in itinerary planning is deeply rooted in our absolute passion for world travel, cultures and food. It is our belief that there is no better way to experience a culture first-hand, than through it’s cuisine. We provide extensively researched and professional custom itinerary planning for independent travelers with food, wine and family as core themes. Every itinerary we produce is a custom creation and designed, just for you.

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There are all kinds of pegs on which to hang a holiday in France: a city, a region, a river, the gastronomy. The variety of regional cuisines is endless. And with all that open space there’s endless scope for outdoor activities, but if you need more urban stimuli – Lyon, Nice, my God! – Paris!



Often when visiting Spain it can fast become an addiction. You might intend to come just for holiday, but before you know it, you’re hooked by something quite different. Even in the most over-touristed resorts, you’ll find an authentic establishment where the locals eat, and a village not far away where an age-old bullfighting tradition owes nothing to tourism. The locals call it the facets of the “many Spains”.



Most who have visited, rave about Italy since tourism began and frankly the country really does have it all: one of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in Europe; the world’s greatest hoard of art treasures; a climate that is, for the most part benign; and most important of all for many, a delicious, unified and authentic national cuisine.


Themed Itineraries – Food & Family

“Exceptional relationships with many expert local cooks”

Through our many years of overseas and on-site research, we have established exceptional relationships with many expert local cooks and food & wine guides in Italy, Spain, France and Turkey. We can easily dovetail any of these exclusive culinary experiences into a custom itinerary created just for you and your family. We can provide cooking classes and meal preparation in your private villa or apartment, in a professional kitchen or even on a private Turkish Gulet sailing the Eastern Mediterranean.

Custom Independent Itineraries for France, Italy, Spain and other countries of expertise.

Globius Travel takes pride in compiling our own travel data. We have spent over 22 years traveling Europe, Asia and Oceania inspecting prospective destinations, accommodations, restaurants and guide services. Over this period, we have compiled rich data and have built many exceptional relationships with foreign travel industry colleagues, many of whom we feel are the best in the field. It is through these relationships that our travel product is unique and extraordinary. We offer our knowledge and relationships to you through our services. Some, but not limited to, of the more sought-after travel services we provide are…

¨ Custom Independent Itineraries for France, Italy, Spain and other countries of expertise.
¨ Hotel and Villa, Apartment & Chateaux Rental Recommendations
¨ Culinary Instruction for Everyone in Italy, Spain, France
¨ Blue Cruise Cooking School in Turkey
¨ Airline Accommodations
¨ Rail Passes
¨ Rental Cars
¨ Barge Cruises
¨ Wine Tours

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