An Italian culinary experience

“Italy dangles from the center of Europe like a holiday ornament, stuffed to the brim with marvels, some soaring and grand, some weird and unexpected. Most visitors soon become uneasily aware that for every Italian cliché, there are a hundred other wonders and showpieces any other nation would die for.”

There is definitely something to be said for ‘La Dolce Vita’ and all that, when visiting Italy. You find it in almost every walk of life and it contributes immensely to any experience. Whether one comes to Italy to explore its art & culture, wine & cuisines, it’s wealth of antiquities or just to enjoy life wrapped in Italian-style, we can hand-form an independent itinerary which successfully realizes your Italian travel dreams.

Italy has 20 official wine AOC regions in all. Using these regions as a guide or map, they often provide hints on where travelers may base themselves for discovering deeper, Italy’s beauty and local culture. Rent a villa or take a suite in one of the many country hotel properties we recommend to use as base. Learn the secrets of Tuscan and Umbrian cuisines at our exclusive cooking school in Piegaro, Umbria. Italian cuisine and learning to prepare it, can be a guideline for outlining a custom itinerary in Italy. Here, it comes down to a question of atmosphere, of smell, of sounds, of earth, of trattorias and of service: it is the spirit of Italians who have always expressed their social life, at a prepared table.

A time well fed is a time well spent.

There are so many artistic treasures and of such quality, that to describe Italy as an open-air art gallery in its own right is hardly an exaggeration. No other country in the world can vaunt the same treasures of culture and art as Italy. To experience these treasures first-hand and especially when with family, always proves to be a source for life-long memories. We can integrate all kind of cultural touring both to increase the general knowledge in Italian culture and to discover particular aspects of the rich Italian cultural heritage.The good life does still live every moment in Italy and our fully custom itineraries for your group or family will put you in the thick of it. We consult for travel to Italy more than all other destinations combined. Our network in Italy is deep and rich. We can help with all aspects of culinary and family travel within Italy.

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