A French culinary experience

“If France could croon a tune, it would be that old Inkspots’ hit, ‘I don’t want to set the world on fire, I just want to be the one you love’”

France has it all, it has proven time and again to be the number one tourist destination of the world. Through it’s culture and cuisine, mountains and beaches, and Disney-esque castles and river valleys, a visit here will never run short of attractions. As a destination where food, family, cooking and wine is the premier theme, you could not find a better place to explore.

France is a country of infinite variety and un-estimable beauty offering sun, sand, sea, mountains, valleys, river gorges….every region offers great tourist attractions and boasts a unique character, from the Loire Valley, to the Mountains of the Alps or Pyrénées, from the Vineyards of the Minervois or Rhône to the history of Dordogne, Provence or Normandy

Our experience as Francophiles means an exceptional leisure experience for you in France.

As in all of our itineraries, we recommend a blend of both urban and rural experiences in France. Paris, of course speaks for itself, but there are many other fascinating cities here to explore such as Lyon, Toulouse, Nice and Bordeaux. Moving into the French countryside; the visitor is offered all the eye-popping beauty of any fairytale story. Spending time slowing down in the French hinterland with family and friends is what a true vacation is all about. Take a cooking class, learn about France’s wines. Through our constant destination inspections, we maintain close relationships with many French culinary and wine experts, private rental property owners, guides and small hotel proprietors. Explore country markets and bistros, show your children a castle or chateau. Rent a 600 year old farm villa, read a book, get lost on some back road or learn to prepare a sauce.

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